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NHLBI Proteomics Administrative and Coordination Center

UCLA Proteomics Center- Global Proteomic Initiative of Cardiovascular Medicine

UCLA Proteomics Center Global Proteomic Initiative of Cardiovascular Medicine

Director: Peipei Ping, PhD

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The NHLBI Proteomics Center at UCLA consists of an international effort led by UCLA School of Medicine. The central scientific goal aims to provide fundamental information on the proteome biology of cardiovascular diseases, an essential component for the “Human Proteome Initiative”. This Center is supported by NHLBI award designating UCLA School of Medicine as the primary contractor, along with the following participating institutions from the US, Europe, and Asia: The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) led by Dr. John Yates III who also serves as the co-Director of the Center; Arizona State University (ASU) led by Dr. Joshua LaBaer; the European Bioinformatics Institute in the United Kingdom (EBI/EMBL) led by Dr. Rolf Apweiler; the Royal Technology Institute in Sweden (KTH) led by Dr. Mathias Uhlen, and Zhejiang University in China led by Dr. Huilong Duan. The diverse expertise of our investigator team integrates an array of leading technologies and model systems for performing global proteomic analyses, including the UniProt Project and the Human Protein Atlas. We aim to construct a cardiovascular proteome knowledgebase for the scientific community that will empower discovery by providing investigators with novel approaches and tools.

The central philosophy is that innovative technologies in proteomics are essential to pursue compelling biological and clinical questions.






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